About project

In order to meet the expectations of visitors, the General Kukliński Memorial Chamber has developed a new, extended museum exhibition, which is devoted to the underground activities of Colonel Ryszard Kukliński, aka. Jack Strong. Made available in a completely virtual version, it allows you to get to know one of the most important intelligence missions of the 20th century in an independent way - wherever you are.

It is a unique project that goes beyond the digitization of the collections collected over the years. The subsequent thematic parts of the exhibition show the Cold War realities of a divided world. Among them is a Polish officer who, in the privacy of the offices of the general staff, draws symbols of atomic mushrooms on huge military maps marked with the clause: secret, special meaning. The specter of a nuclear doom is inexorably looming, so it can no longer wait for events to unfold. At the least rational moment, he decides to conspire against the Warsaw Pact and the communist masters. In their strategic plans, Poland appears as a no man's land, a nuclear desert. He cancels his entire life and the safety of his loved ones, and the only payment he will receive will be a family tragedy and the stigma of a traitor to the people's homeland. Years later, he will be called "the first Polish officer in NATO" and posthumously promoted to the rank of brigadier general.

The task is financed from the funds received from the NIW-CRSO under the Program for the Development of Civic Organizations for the years 2018-2030 PROO.